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Luxury Modern Fires Electric Fireplace Guide

Luxury Modern Fires Electric Fireplace Guide

Luxury Modern Fires Electric Fireplace Guide

There's no reason that you cannot have the comfort of a heater while having it look like a traditional fireplace in your home. This combination of practicality and aesthetics is what makes our products so desirable in your home. These are a great option that is perfectly safe, that provide realistic effects and visuals, without the danger of actual fire burning.

We also provide numerous types of options to cover a wide range of looks that can cater to many needs.


Options if you already have a suite or an encasement.

 If you already have a place in mind for where to put one of our items, then we recommend either of our two options below, based initially on the size you need and the level of heat you might need.


Inset Electric Stoves

Sometimes we might not have the luxury of additional space or a specific setting that you can install one of our electric fireplaces. That doesn’t mean you can't have one of our luxurious models. Our Inset Electric Stoves can help provide that cosy charm and heat output in any type of room.
They can also be an additional heating piece that can be used in case centralised heating doesn’t seem to be enough. These are also our most affordable option for those that want to get their feet wet trying out what an electrical fireplace could look like in their home.


Inset Electric Fires

 If you already have a fireplace area that isn’t being used or is sealed off, then consider replacing it with this safer and cleaner option. We ensure that our selection of products will give an excellent recreation of what a traditional fireplace should look like, and produce the right amount of heat in the process as well.

The only ‘downside’ is there will not be any smoke going throughout the house. These Inset Electric Fires are one of our most standard options, specifically designed for use in a home that has the specialised space, where the old fireplace was. We also offer some more modern approaches to what a fireplace could look like, and could help put a design that would replace the entire wall.


Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces for the Modern Home

If you are looking for a more modernist and minimalist approach, then look no further than our selection of Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces. These are specifically designed to accent your house in any configuration you can imagine, to reflect your uniqueness and personality. They can go anywhere in your home, and provide that type of aesthetic enhancement that cannot easily be found for most homes and apartments.

This is a great idea and solution for those trendsetters that want to add just that touch of class mixed with efficiency.


Replacement or addition of any type of fireplace or stove suite

You might have the idea that what your home is missing is a place in your living area or dining area (or anywhere in your home for that matter), that could benefit from these accented options. We provide complete setups in the form of suites that will build out your fireplace or stove from scratch.


Electric Stove Suites

If you are looking for something that is a bit more stable then consider getting the whole Electric Stove Suite. This option is a selection of one of our Electric stoves combined with one of our carefully curated encasements to really have it blend with the room you will be using it in. We offer traditional colours from variations of white and black to more natural wood tones.

These are a great option if you know exactly where you want to put your electric stove at all times, and integrate it with your home. It will also provide some much-needed shelving space on the top, as an added feature.


Electric Fireplace Suites

Sometimes you want to make a statement and go for one of our beautifully hand picked selections of Electric Fireplace Suites. If you have the space and even an older fireplace, this is a fantastic modern-day refresher for that area. You won't lose that important place in your home, and you will be able to still maintain the ambience and comfort that your old traditional fireplace offered.
Similar to the Electric Stove Suites, we offer fireplace suites that range from the traditional one you are replacing, to more modern and trendy looks if you are planning on refreshing your whole home.


For all our products

We are an authorised dealer for all of the products that we are offering on our page. We want to let you know that our selection and curation are based upon finding the best top quality luxury electric fireplaces that are currently on the market.

We always have some recommendations and consider looking at our best sellers to see what other customers consistently buy from us. We also offer free delivery anywhere in the U.K. and will let you know ahead of time if we run out of any particular stock.
As always, since we're extremely active in this market, our items might change to updated models, and we make sure to pick the most realistic options available out there. This means all of our products come with some form of LED-based fire lights and log placement, as well as ensuring you have the right sounds coming from these items for the best experience.
We even have some options that can shift the light from traditional fireplace colours to any sort of mood lighting you desire. You don't even need to turn on the heat to use these electrical fireplaces so they can be used year-round as the mood suits you!
We always want to ensure that we have the happiest customers possible, so we make ourselves available as much as is needed to answer any questions you might need. We also cater to a wide target market, and offer numerous options at different price points, making the availability affordable.
As always, if you still have any comments or queries, do not hesitate to contact us here.

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