There's no denying it: Our electric fireplaces are the quickest, easiest, most energy-efficient way to add warmth and ambience to your home. Our electric fireplace suites include everything you'll need to turn any space into a cosy den.

Our range of electric fireplace suites and mantels can help you create a warm and cosy look like a traditional fire but without the complicated installation process.

Electric Fireplace Suites

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We provide a wide range of traditional and contemporary electric fireplaces. Our electric fireplaces come in a variety of styles and colours to suit any home or office décor. There are also one box products that you can simply plug into flat walls, making them ideal for small apartments and houses with no chimneys.

Whether you want something that looks professional and modern or want to give your home a retro look, there are many different options for choosing a fireplace suite here at Luxury Modern Fires. We sell the best leading brand electric fireplaces including Adam and Dimplex, where you’ll be guaranteed to find a high-quality fire suite for your home. Order today and have another look at the wide range of electric fires that match the style you’re looking for.


What is a fireplace suite?

Fireplace Suites are made up of four parts and these include the hearth, a back panel, a mantelpiece/surround and an inset fire (gas or electric). The hearth protects the walls and floors from the smoke emitted by the fire. The back panel is positioned between the wall and the surround with the centre cut out to form an ‘n’ shape where the fire will be attached. The mantelpiece/surround (available in many materials) is fixed around the fire to improve the overall style and look of the suite. Finally the inset fire is fitted compactly into the back panel and the fire is available in solid fuel, gas or electric.


How do suites differ from conventional fireplaces?

As an entire package, the components for fireplace suites mentioned above are made compatible with style and functionality. A fireplace suite is normally provided fully assembled and ready for installation in an effortless fashion. No matter the size, colour or shape you are looking for, all components will complement each other without any issues.


What is the best fireplace suite?

The unit is pricing but a stunning contemporary design guarenteed to be the centrepiece of the room. With a realistic-looking fireplace with an atmospheric log fuel bed.


What are the benefits of having a suite?

Fireplace suites, through their simple and chic design, can completely transform the look of your home. With a variety of options available for you to choose from, you have complete control over what your suite will look like and how it functions - from which material surrounds/mantelpieces are made out of to the type of fire that's going in them. We know that fireplace suites can't be simply any old thing; they need to fit in with who you are as an individual. Simple designs without many embellishments make these particular fireplaces perfect for modern households looking for clean lines and natural materials.


The surround is the part of a fireplace suite that wraps around and enhances its grandeur. This can be done in many different materials and finishes, such as stone, marble or oak- making it easy to find exactly what you're looking for!


Are electric fireplaces a good idea?

An electric fireplace is also more efficient and can heat a room faster than a traditional fireplace. And it’s safe! It's one of the best ways to save energy, too. A lot of people nowadays are opting for electric fireplace heaters over gas or wood-burning fireplaces. These require fewer materials and energy in order to generate the same amount of heat as their traditional counterparts. Buying an electrical heater also means that you’re doing more than just picking a heating solution, but rather helping the environment by not using natural resources or releasing toxic gasses into the atmosphere.


To find the perfect electric fireplace for your home, contact an expert in your area today or search on our site so the wide variety of fireplace suites that we have on offer.