It’s important to remember that electricity is an easily accessible source of fuel for heating your homes. That’s why we offer a wide selection of inset electric fires ranging from sleek modern designs to classic, traditional styles. Our collection of fires will surely match your style.

Electric Inset Fires

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Inset electric fires come in a wide range of styles and designs and are the perfect way to bring the beauty of fire flames into any room of the house. They can be used to heat a room or simply to look great in the centre or corner of the lounge.

They can be positioned within a fireplace or wall which creates a clean and flush appearance that you’ll be proud of. They are easy to set up and use and they give you hours and hours of real flames in a selection of styles and colours. You’re sure to find the inset electric fires feature that suits your home décor.


What is the best electric inset fire?

The Comet electric fire is a premium product that has many great features and comes in a stylish brushed steel.


Which electric fireplace insert is most realistic?

Water vapour fireplaces are the most realistic ones on the market. They produce 3-dimensional flames, just like a real fire but without any of the danger or mess associated with them. By using mist and LED lights, these water vapour fireplaces create their realistic fake flame effect.


Are all inset electric fires the same size?

The standard size for the majority of fireplaces is 410mm x 560mm (16in x 22in). For many fireplace back panels, that is also the size for the opening cut. When you're looking for a new fire, it's important to consider the measurement of the recess in which you will be installing it into your wall cavity or chimney. Be sure to measure before making any purchase, so that there is no risk of purchasing something too small or large.


The width and height of your wall cavity or chimney can be changed but the depth is something that you’ll have to be careful of. Class 1 chimneys are deeper so they can house deeper fireplace insets but class 2 chimneys need slimmer fireplaces.


How hot is a 2kW electric fire?

An electric fire’s heat output of 1.5KW generates an approximate 5000BTU (British Thermal Units), which is enough for a small or medium-sized room. If you increase the heat's output to 2kW, it will generate around 6,800BTU, while other electric fireplaces generate around 10,000BTU which should be appropriate for larger rooms.


One constraint for large rooms is the voltage of electricity, which creates a problem for appliance makers. They can't increase the heat output without creating a unit that will be too powerful to use in homes for the available voltage.


How do I choose an electric fireplace insert?

You should consider the size of your room and how you’ll use the product when you’re choosing an electric fireplace insert. For spaces under 400 square feet, you should select forced fan fireplaces and for areas that are over 1000 square feet, the best option would be the infrared quartz units.