From traditional to ultra-modern, our electric stove suites are inspired by the latest trends in home design.

They look and function like the real thing, but without the mess and fuss. With multiple variations to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect one for your home.

Electric Stove Suites

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The growing popularity of electric fireplace suites is no surprise, considering the low installation cost, ease of use, and energy efficiency. This makes these fireplace systems ideal for apartment dwellers and homeowners without a chimney or flue. Additionally, they are one box products that can be installed on flat walls in homes.

We have electric fireplace suites that are designed with a back panel, surround, hearth and an integrated electric fire with a heater and realistic and customisable flame settings which provide the best LED flame visuals.


What is an electric stove suite?

Because electric stoves don't require a chimney, they're a great option for homes or apartments. Using electric stoves, you can have that inviting, cosy feeling of a fire without the need for a chimney. If you don't have a fireplace or don't want to clean up after using a multi-fuel stove or a wood-burning stove, an electric stove might be right for you. You can install electric stoves anywhere there is electricity; you don't need a chimney or hearth.


What is the best fireplace stove suite?

Adam Auckland Crystal White Marble Stove Fireplace with Downlights & Aviemore Electric Stove in Black Enamel, 54 Inch

The Adam Innsbruck electric stove fireplace set creates a beautiful and contemporary centre point for your home. The oak surround combines beautifully with the black granite-effect hearth and back panel. The combination of the Adam Hudson electric stove is what makes this unit stand out. The stove generates a heat output of 0.9kW – 1.8kW and it also has an LED flame effect option which can be turned on separately. The thermostat and the controls are attached to the side of the stove.


Adam Auckland Crystal White Marble Stove Fireplace with Downlights & Woodhouse Electric Stove in Grey, 54 Inch

The Adam Florence is a vibrant and exuberant electric fireplace suite. With its pure white coating and grey back panel, the surround is paired the Adam Aviemore electric stove with a grey and grey stove pipe, producing a fireplace package with a log effect fuel bed that is certain to amaze. The unit produces a heat output of 0.9kW – 1.8kW and there is also a flame effect only option. If you’re looking to control the stove suite then the controls and thermostat are located on the side of the stove.


What are the benefits of having an electric stove suite?

Completely replicating a wood-burning stove or fireplace, electric stove surrounds are energy-efficient electric fires with beautiful fireplace surrounds. Choose a small surround if you don’t have much space to work with or if you have more space on offer then go for a large surround for a real wood-burning stove experience that you can relax and enjoy without extra work. An electric stove doesn't require a chimney or hearth, but they look even more impressive with one! Here are the benefits listed below:

  • They have very low to no installation cost
  • They are set at much lower prices
  • They can be positioned anywhere you have a power outlet so there is no need for a hearth or chimney
  • They don’t generate harmful smoke or fumes
  • the electric stoves are 100% efficient as no heat is lost through a chimney

Are electric stove fireplaces a good idea?

An electric fireplace is more efficient and heats a room faster than a traditional fireplace. It’s also a safe choice which saves a lot of energy too. Currently, many people are looking to buy electric fireplace heaters over wood-burning or gas fireplaces. These need fewer materials and energy to produce the equivalent amount of heat as the traditional units on the market. Not only are you purchasing an electric heater as a heating solution, but rather looking to help the environment by not releasing toxic gasses into the atmosphere or using natural resources.


You can find the right electric fireplace for your home by either contacting a local expert or searching through our variety of stove suites on our site today.


Are electric stove heaters expensive to run?

Many individuals are reluctant to invest in an electric stove as they think they are too costly to operate. While electrical stoves are one of the more costly power choices, they are also 100% efficient. Since no heat is lost through a chimney unlike with gas and wood-burning stoves. They are also quicker to heat up and cleaner than wood-burning stoves, so you will appreciate that benefit.