Inset stoves are a great option for home and business owners who want a real stove but don't want to commit to a traditional model.

The inset electric stoves with LED technology are cheap to run, and they provide flame visuals that are very realistic compared to real flickering flames.

Electric Inset Stoves

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Electric insert stoves are one type of insert that allows an appliance to be equipped with an electric heating element that heats air rather than burning fuel like a traditional fireplace. Electric inserts in traditional stoves give them a modern twist that's perfect for modern living spaces.

Our electric stoves provide heat efficiently throughout your rooms and they are designed from the same materials that the gas or wood-burning stoves are made from so you’ll still maintain the same great quality feel and finish.

Our stoves come with full-on flame effects so you get the same warm and cosy feeling as well as adjustable temperature settings for the perfect comfort level.


What is an inset electric stove fire?

Inset electric fireplaces are a space-saving way to enjoy the beautiful appearance and feel of an open fireplace without sacrificing floor space. It has to be built in a false fireplace opening or existing opening.  If there isn't already space for an electric stove in your home then installing one would require professional help.


What are the best electric stove fires?

Coming in black and white, the Alto has been designed to resemble a traditional wood burner and it provides a rustic look while featuring all the up to date tech and features you would want from modern electric heating units. 


Are electric stove fires expensive to run?

It all depends on the wattage of your electric fireplace, the cost per kWh in your area, how long you plan to use the unit and how much that will all cost.


However, if you're looking for a cost-efficient way to heat your home, an electric stove is the best option. Compared with gas or traditional fireplaces, it's cheaper and more energy-efficient. You won’t need to purchase gas or get firewood to heat your home. All you’ll need to do is plug the unit into an electric outlet and it will start to generate heat.


How do electric stove fires generate heat?

Many electric stove fires create convection heat which is essentially the process of heating the air in a certain area/space/room. So convection-based electric stoves will warm the air in a room and then it will circulate it as it naturally cools. Convection-based electric stoves generate an electric current that passes through a heating element which will then get very hot.


A fan then draws cool air into the stove, across the heating element, before it is released back out of your electric stove. The flow of warm air coming out of a front electric oven will continue as long as there's a fresh stream of cool air entering the stove.


How much heat do electric stove fires create?

If you're looking for a stove that provides the same amount of heat as a wood-burning stove, then an electric convection based heating technology (typically generates 2kW of heat output from electric stoves) is not what you need. However, if you are just looking to warm up a room that's about 400 square metres in size, then it'll be enough.


If you're searching for a stove as your primary source of heat in your home, then wood/solid fuel burning stoves are better. However, if central heating is already taking care of the matter and you want an appliance to just take out some chill from the air in your room then electric stoves would be the best option.