Enjoy the stunning modern realism of our wall-mount electric fireplaces. They give the impression of a real fire, with deliciously cosy flames and flickering embers that glow with a lifelike warmth.

This wall-mounted electric fireplace utilizes a unique viewing point to create a glowing, realistic flame effect that is easily hung to add a contemporary touch to a modern household.

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces

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Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are created to be installed on their own with no surround, making them appear cleaner, more modern and stylish. They are simply installed in your home and plugged into a standard power outlet.

We have a wide range of wall mounted electric fires available in our online store. The range includes models from Dimplex, Evolution Fires, Adam and Planika - all of which are popular for the durability and quality of their devices. With a variety of modern wall mounted electric fires to choose from, now is the right time to purchase a fireplace that you can hang on the wall.

What is a wall-mounted fireplace?

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are a style of fireplace that can be installed onto or into the side of a recessed wall. They differ from other types in that they don't need to sit within another structure like built-in electric fireplaces. They will provide both realistic flame and heat with the help of heated elements.

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are designed to be installed off the ground and on a wall. They provide many of the same functionalities as other types of electric fireplaces like being able to show realistic flame effects and emitting heat for an area/room.

You can mount the electric fireplace to the wall by either directly fixing it to the wall or fixing it onto a bracket which then gets fixed to the wall (depends on the fireplace model).

What are the best wall-mounted fireplaces?

If you want a realistic-looking fire without the hassle, then this electric fireplace from Dimplex is for you. It has flickering flames and logs that look just like natural wood and make it seem like an authentic flame. You can enjoy the comfort, warmth and ambience of this fireplace with zero carbon emissions.

This stunning altar style from Adam is an electric linear fireplace with LED-X technology. They give stunning lifelike flames, and best of all they are unobtrusive- you can install them right into your wall so that they will heat a room that is 400 square feet or less. This is one of the most realistic and stylish electric fireplaces on the market. Also, it has more than just flames as it has separate downlights to up the class ante.

Are wall-mounted electric fires any good?

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are a great buy for any home and can create an area of focus on walls that would not be possible with a real fireplace. Electric fires cannot give the same experience as other fireplaces, but some models can be quite realistic. They are pretty easy to install and they don’t need the same maintenance as gas fires (gas fires need annual checks).

You'll need to drill a few holes in the wall for mounting brackets and hanging screws. If you have a chimney breast, you might want to hide the wire by creating two small gaps in your wall - one near your socket and another near the fireplace power outlet. You could also run the wire along the wall and skirting board by neatly tacking it until you reach the power socket. You can hide it by placing a table or accessory in front of the cables.

Are wall-mounted electric fireplaces noisy?

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces can be noisy when they use a conventional fan heater (noise produced because of the rotating blower inside the product). However, most of them can be used with just the flame effects and these are very quiet. Some models will even use infrared heaters which produce no noise at all!

Do wall-mounted fireplaces give off heat?

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces produce heat in many ways, such as space heaters that blow air through a heating element or infrared heat. It's also possible to get ones that create flame effects but not any warmth.

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces come in a variety of models and styles, some that don’t produce heat while the majority of these wall-mounted fires will be able to put out heat. Most of these units need some form of heater to make the flames feel more realistic. For example, some fireplaces use conventional space heaters to blow hot air into the room while other types such as infrared heaters which create less noise.